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Greatest Magic Trick of All Time

The Amazing WorlDs>>> The Greatest Magic Trick of All Time:

1. Catching Bullets:

Catch the bullet really an amazing illusion where the magician caught a bullet fired directly towards him. In this show used a gun that is filled and operated by someone who understands firearms until believed there was no subterfuge there. Often the bullet is marked by an audience for it later can be recognized again.

Actually attempted to clear the man who fired a gun does not come into contact with people who catch the bullet, both stand apart from the very beginning.

When the magicians Penn and Teller perform the bullet catch, where simultaneously captures each of mutual bullet fired by both, a deliberately drawn line across the center of the stage to mark none of them crossed to the other side. To be more tense and dramatic, the rifles used in the performance was deliberately put on laser binoculars.

2. Buried Life-Living

Magician Criss was handcuffed and put into a coffin which is then buried in the ground as deep as 6 feet (180cm), but he managed to escape out.

3. Concrete Drill enter into the Body

Swallowing swords amazing enough but what about swallowing round concrete drill machine is turned on. And Thomas Black Thorne really up to it. In a TV show she swallowed a concrete drill the engine running, and it is his trademark ability. It was broadcast live on German TV show.

4. Penetrating the Chinese Wall

Penetrate the wall of a home may be done with various tricks. But what if an impenetrable wall of Wall of China? This is what made David Copperfield who managed to penetrate the Chinese Wall. Could not figure out for us a human being that can penetrate thick walls.

5. Grand Canyon Float On

In his TV special shows that the 6, David Copperfield floating above the Grand Canyon, the title: "Miracles to David Copperfield VI: Floating Above the Grand Canyon."There are no special effects TV or green curtains are used in the show and also did not perhaps because in 1984 the technology for that does not exist, not like now

6. Eliminate the Statue of Liberty

In 1983 Jim Steinmeyer and Don Wayne created the show to the TV where as if the statue of liberty can be eliminated, but it had not aired.

David Copperfield mengambilalihnya in an illusion show. He ordered a giant curtain rises dikerek cover view toward Liberty Island where the statue is located, then a few seconds later the curtain down and seen the place where the statue once stood is now empty, a helicopter hovering above record the illusion that from the air, and indeed as if the missing sculpture disappeared and that staying only halo that surrounds the statue.

To prove that the statue was actually no longer in place, Copperfield two spotlights shining through the place and the fact that light rays are not blocked anything. A group of spectators watching it all from a special place that is closed and most of his camera to record from the spot.

7. Women and Body Splitting it back

In this action, the street magician Criss Angel makes shock the audience and the woman because suddenly a woman's body is split into two! Best of woman walking using his hands in a state of LIFE and eventually split in two parts united by Criss Angel, AMAZING!

8. Walking Above Water

Looks like walking on water is a thing impossible to do unless someone can lighten the body. But it seems unlikely. A named Illusionist Criss Angel, walking on the water of a swimming pool witnessed a small group of people. Perhaps this magician had a science lighten the body.

9.Frozen In Ice For More Than 60 Hours

On 27 Nobember 2000, Blaine perform an action called "Frozen In Time", and covered by a TV special. Blaine stood trapped in a block of solid ice on the ground Times Square, New York City. Transparent ice beam and placed in a small stage to see him really being in it continues during performances.

He's just a little dress and appeared to be shivering even before the blocks of ice placed tightly around herself. He breathe and drink through a hose and a hose again fitted to urinate. He survived being held in a block of ice it for 63 hours, 42 minutes and 15 seconds before finally unloaded blocks of ice with a chainsaw.

10. Blending Body Back After The Chainsaw Become Two

Played by David Copperfield death saw this action as if telling a failed escape attempt.
The players tied up lying on a table while a large circular saw blade mounted thereon which can diturunnaikkan. After diikiat with various handcuffs and shackles, the player is closed in a box. Saw then turn around and go down slowly approached the box.

A few moments later one side of the box fell open to show the players struggling to free themselves from the fetters. But before he managed to escape, the saw has fallen through and cut the box. A saw blade and cut off the body of the player and desk. Both pieces of the table and shifted away from each other to clear the body of the player into two separate pieces.

Then appears the player is ordered to reverse the process. Both pieces of the body and menjanya taped them together again, the saw caught up and the box together again. The climax of the players came out of the box without the slightest injury.

When removed from the block of ice, he seems ling lung and disoriented. He was immediately covered and rushed to the hospital because doctors feared his body may experience severe shaking. In the documentation that was recorded after the events of this action, Blaine told me that "it takes one month" before he was able to walk normally again and again he was not going to do actions like that.
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Frightening Facts About Our Earth

The Amazing World>>>This is the Frightening Facts About Our Earth :

1. Global warming is an inevitable event that affects the climate conditions on earth. Devastating storm, tidal wave, tsunami and famine due to drought will continue despite any efforts to control pollution and environmental damage has been done. Earth trying to continue to exist with natural improvement, but we humans will accept the result because the repair process is very powerfuland not uncontrollable .

2. Small increase in the Earth's rotation due to imbalance of the contents of the content of the depleted mantle, can affect us in different ways. Devastating floods that drown everything, or glaciers that disappeared forever. That could mean water shortages, food and rampant disease and widespread starvation. Several species of animals and plants become extinct.

3. The occurrence of changes in land use patterns, where now more people living in big cities than in rural areas. Overcrowded cities that have expanded the area for housing into rural areas at the expense of agricultural land. Big city slums and dirty disturb human health and cause the seeds of a new disease.

4. Oil production increased in 2008 and 2018 will reach its peak, and that means the beginning of the decline. This could trigger a recession in global energy, conflicts between countries that fight oil fields and also a source of food. Oil is very important for every nation to continue its production activities, including agriculture and animal husbandry. Going forward, the depletion of oil content in the earth could affect the whole of human life on earth significantly.

5. The car has a share of three quarters of all waste gas emitted by the means of transportation. From now on, the world will be filled with more than one billion cars roaming the streets in 2030 and will increase until one billion more in 2050. This relates to 75% increase in atmospheric CO2 over a year comes from burning fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas and coal), while about 20% of CO2 that enter earth's atmosphere from fuel combustion in motor vehicle engines, the rest 80 % of CO2 emissions come from burning fossil fuels by electric power generating machine.

6. Because the temperature increase caused by rising CO2 levels, then the last bit of water vapor in the air to form clouds. This means that rain will be less, and directly resulted in agricultural production also declined. Will occur around the year 2020 where there was a difficult period and flood suddenly increased in all parts of continental Europe, because of melting ice in the Arctic. While the earth's population will reach 7.7 billion people.

7. Since the first Earth Day in 1970 until the beginning of a new millennium, mankind has made the increase of emissions (flue gas) by 70% greenhouse.

8. Earth's atmosphere now contains 40% more CO2 than at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

11. Nearly half of all species of flora, fauna and micro-organisms must be destroyed or threatened extinction in the next quarter century due to the rain forest logging.

12. Experts estimate that we are losing 137 species of plants, animals and insects every day because of rain forest logging. Or equal to 50,000 species every year. Along with the disappearance of the species in the rainforest, as well as various kinds of treatment the diseases that threaten human life. Currently, 121 drugs sold worldwide come from plant drugs. Meanwhile, 25% of pharmaceutical companies in the West take the ingredients of the herb plants from the rain forest, and less 1% of the trees and tropical plants have been tested by scientists.

13. Rampant deforestation currently contributes 20% of global warming pollution caused by inhibition of re-absorption of CO2.

14. Outbreaks of the disease continues to grow both in variety and amount due to air pollution, water and soil increases, particularly in countries with low income.

15. In the year 2030 about 18% of the group of coral reefs will disappear due to climate change and the environment. In this 2030 world population will reach 8.3 billion.

16. 2040 Arctic sea will experience the first summer without ice.

17. Since the disappearance of glaciers and occurred a long dry season, the production of electricity from hydroelectric power will decrease.

18. Vast desert in the earth's surface has increased due to rising global temperatures. At the end of 2007, Australia lost 25% of its food production because of this.

19. Levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in Earth's atmosphere continues to increase.

20. Harmful effects of human activities can affect the global system in a way that is negative. War, for example, can destroy the earth in various ways; mass killings, starvation and disease development, the burning of fossil fuels on a large scale by the machines of war, as well as forest clearing and making the rocks and soil to repair the infrastructure back damaged.

A question for all of us, whether our efforts to help our environment today can give a meaningful and significant impact, or the irony of our other activities instead speed up the damage and destruction of the earth?
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The Two-Headed Snake

The Two-Headed Snake

As with the Two-headed turtle , there are also Two-Headed Snake of this world Here Videos:

Another from Phyton :

other :

And More againt in the world

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The Two-Headed Turtle

The Two-Headed Turtle >>

A resident in Manisa Turkey, found a tortoise spur-thighed tortoise species but strangely, this turtle with two heads.

It is estimated that the turtle is one month old. It's turtle species are rarely found in nature outdoors.

Based on information from the government news agency Anatolia, this tortoise is an endangered species that can live to be 75 years or more.

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